Compostable Ice Cream Pot with Lid & Personalised Sticker

Our paper Ice Cream Pots are comprised of premium quality board, giving them superior stability and better lid fit and insulation. Lined with a bioplastic material, which is made from plants and not oil and can be commercially composted.  They are suitable for both hot and cold foods and are soup safe.

Choose from our range of paper themed stickers at no extra cost and personalise it for free! If you do not require any stickers simply tick the 'Stickers Not Required' box below.

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    Themed Lid Sticker

    One sticker design per order. Kindly note, we print what you type. So please take care when typing your personalisation, to ensure no mistakes are made.


    • Raw material: Paper
    • Lining/coating: CPLA (Bioplastic ? PLA)
    • Use: Hot, Cold, Wet & Dry Products
    • Shelf Life: 12-Months
    • Commercially compostable
    • Optional Extra: Paper Lid Stickers (1 design per order / supplied applied to each lid)
    • Pot Dimensions:
      • Top 90mm (Dia) / Base 75mm (Dia) x 60.0mm (H)
      • Brim Fill Capacity: 260ml
      • Weight: 10.2g
    • Lid Dimensions:
      • 90mm (Dia)
      • Height: 15.0mm

    Where To Recycle

    All areas are different. You may be unable to dispose of your recycling in your household bins. If you are unsure about the recyclability of any product, please check your local councils’ recycling guidelines.