We are extremely proud of the quality of the products we produce. Thank you for supporting our family business, we hope you love this planet of ours as much as we do!


Recyclable products are made with the purpose of being able to be reused by being converted into new products, this help divert waste away from landfill. All areas are different. You may be unable to dispose of your recycling in your household bins. If you are unsure about the recyclability of any product, please check your local councils’ recycling guidelines.

Commercial Compostable

Compostable products are made from renewable resources, such as palm leaf and sugar cane. These products need to be taken to a compost facility, where the perfect balance of heat, moisture, and oxygen is created to break down organic and plant-based materials. This process helps divert waste away from landfill, turning products into nutrient-rich compost that is used to grow more plants.

Home Compostable

Home compostable products can be put into home compost bins along with food and garden waste. Over a period of time this waste will create a nutrient-rich compost that is used to grow more plants.


Biodegradable products disintegrated by the action of micro-organisms such as bacteria or fungi biological while getting assimilated into the natural environment, this has no ecological harm during the process. Biodegradable items are to be disposed of in the residual waste bin.

Recycled Materials

Products that have been made with recycled materials have been used before in a different form and recycled to be put through a process so that it can form into a new product.

Plastic Free

Plastic Free products have been made with no plastic. Having products with no plastic helps towards protecting the environment.

Natural Materials

Products made with natural materials have been produced from substances that are found in nature.

Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly products have been produced to have little or no damaging effect on the environment.

Made In The UK

Products have been manufactured, assembled, or undergone their last substantial change in the United Kingdom.

Can Be Personalised

Personalise your product free of charge, if you require any assistance with your personalisation please contact a member of our team, who will be happy to help on 01953 711994 or email